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Galabor 2017 (Dragon Kaiju) by teamemeraldHQ Galabor 2017 (Dragon Kaiju) :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 3 4 Mu-Mu the Dutch Angel Dragon (nosy) by teamemeraldHQ Mu-Mu the Dutch Angel Dragon (nosy) :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 3 2 Coffee the Dutch Angel Dragon (mama) by teamemeraldHQ Coffee the Dutch Angel Dragon (mama) :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 2 0 O.W.C. designs: Alex Typhoon by teamemeraldHQ O.W.C. designs: Alex Typhoon :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 4 0 O.W.C. designs: Tadeo by teamemeraldHQ O.W.C. designs: Tadeo :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 3 0 O.W.C. designs: Andres Oro by teamemeraldHQ O.W.C. designs: Andres Oro :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 3 0 O.W.C. designs: Tobias Blesk by teamemeraldHQ O.W.C. designs: Tobias Blesk :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 2 2 Steven Universe Outlander: Emerald by teamemeraldHQ Steven Universe Outlander: Emerald :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 1 2 Candy the Dutch Angel Dragon by teamemeraldHQ Candy the Dutch Angel Dragon :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 1 2 Gemsonas: Hematite and Pearl by teamemeraldHQ Gemsonas: Hematite and Pearl :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 1 0 gemsonas: Garnet vs Onyx by teamemeraldHQ gemsonas: Garnet vs Onyx :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 2 0 GMOD pony: Onyx Heart by teamemeraldHQ GMOD pony: Onyx Heart :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 0 0 Book Character Design (also birthday gift) by teamemeraldHQ Book Character Design (also birthday gift) :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 3 1 possible AC3 cosplay (native american?) by teamemeraldHQ possible AC3 cosplay (native american?) :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 1 0 Lunas Back! by teamemeraldHQ Lunas Back! :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 3 7 night time battle by teamemeraldHQ night time battle :iconteamemeraldhq:teamemeraldHQ 8 3
as u can see im gettin more into dragons. im a lil rusty on predators but i can still draw aliens >.>

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Gaasaku :iconcheerwine:Cheerwine 166 121
SasoSaku - Love to Hate - Ch13
Chapter Thirteen
Sakura looked on impartial to the gapping wound in Itachi's chest. The Haruno magic around her began to die and recede back into her body. Taking one look at Itachi Sakura could see that he was close to death. And she was the only one who could save him if she wanted. But Sakura was feeling far from generous.
With only a few strides Sakura was at Itachi's side and bent over him pulling his face up close to hers by his collar. Hate poured from her eyes and sent a shiver of fear down Itachi's spine though he couldn't pull his eyes away from hers.
"Say it Itachi. Say it again so everyone in Konoha can hear you."
When Itachi made no move to open his mouth Sakura slapped him.
"Say it! Tell the truth Itachi! And maybe I will heal you and let you live." The last sentence was but a whisper in Itachi's ear.
"Alright!" Itachi chocked out. Even to a dying man who's only life would be prison if he obeyed Sakura's demands, the prospect of living was temping. After all you can alway
:iconnimphmita:Nimphmita 41 83
SasoSaku - Love to Hate - Ch12
Chapter Twelve
“What about Sasori?”
“What about him?”
“Well do you hate that you love him too?”
Sakura looked at Itachi, coldness seeping into her eyes. “I don’t hate him. And I don’t hate that I love him. So no to answer your question. He and the Akatsuki are the only ones I am proud of, and love with out restraint. Sasuke and the Konoha Shinobi that have helped on this have just recently joined that group.”
“They’ve joined the Akatsuki?”
“No don’t be ridiculous. Of course they haven’t joined. You can’t join the Akatsuki that easily. You have to be an S-class criminal and killed at least a hundred men. Actually I have to thank you. Because if it wasn’t for you I would never have joined their ranks.”
“Well I’m glad you benefited from our clans deaths.”
“Oh so did you Itachi!” Sakura snapped. “After all you were the heir to the Uchiha clan. It’s all your
:iconnimphmita:Nimphmita 22 40
SasoSaku - Love to Hate - Ch11
Chapter Eleven
“Our parents are calling for us. And Itachi. Have you seen him?”
“I’m here Sakura.”
“What do our parents want us for Sakura-chan?” Sasuke asked.
“I don’t know Sasuke-kun. They just want us.”
“Well we shouldn’t keep them waiting should we Sakura. Our families after all hate to be kept waiting.” Itachi said walking off in front of Sasuke and Sakura.
“You sure you don’t know what this is about Sakura-chan?”
“Not a clue Sasuke-kun.”
Sasuke and Sakura started to walk after Itachi. The heads of the Haruno clan had come over to Uchiha estate dragging Sakura with them. Sakura was the heir to the clan but still too young to be one of the head people.
“Hey Itachi-chan, wait up!”
“Maybe you two should run Sakura.”
“Come on Sakura-chan.” Sasuke started to run, Sakura soon following her face lit up with a smile, and la
:iconnimphmita:Nimphmita 26 45
SasoSaku - Love to Hate - Ch10
Chapter Ten
The tension in the air could have been cut with a knife when Sasuke walked into Sakura’s cell and saw Sasori. Deidara never took his eyes off Sasori ready to grab him if he advanced at Sasuke. Sakura had fallen unconscious so she was oblivious to the hate in the eyes of her husband and ex-boyfriend. Kakashi kept his eye on Sasuke for the same reasons as Deidara. The room was filled with the Akatsuki and Konoha Shinobi.
“Um… guys… hey…” Hidan said with a small wave. Many of the Konoha Shinobi just glared at him. Hidan coughed. “Um… yeah… um… maybe just for this occasion… we could… um… look I know this is going to sound crazy… but just maybe… um… until we get Sakura out of this safely… we ah… could… you know… try to get along? After this we can go back to hating eachother and trying to kill eachother… but for now… for Sakura…” Hidan said gesturing to Sakura.
:iconnimphmita:Nimphmita 30 29
SasoSaku - Love to Hate - Ch9
Chapter Nine
It was two days later and the Akatsuki after many argument and discussions still didn’t have a set plan with which to rescue Sakura. And it was starting to drive Sasori insane.
“If anyone wants me or comes up with an idea of how to save Sakura, I will be in the training yard beating the crap out of myself.”
“I got it, I got it, un. Forgive me Sasori-danna, un.”
About five minutes later Sasori was tied up and gagged while lying on the floor scared to move because Deidara had placed clay bombs around him. Deidara knew that they were harmless and wouldn’t explode even if Sasori touched one but he wasn’t about to share that with Sasori. Not yet anyway.
“Finally some peace and quiet.”
“I would hope not peace Kisame-san. Remember we are still trying to find a way to save Sakura-chan here.” Yondamine said.
“Shit! What am I going to tell Maya!?” Zetsu said suddenly seeing his daughter ru
:iconnimphmita:Nimphmita 36 55
SasoSaku - Love to Hate - Ch8
Chapter Eight
“We have to save her!”
“We know that Sasori. Please calm down!”
“I will not fuc-”
Sasori’s ranting a raging was cut short as Deidara jumped on him, his hand over Sasori’s mouth. “Be quiet Sasori-danna, un! All this shouting ain’t helping Sakura-chan or giving us time to think! Un!” Deidara hissed at him.
Sasori fell silent but all he wanted to do was to shout. To scream. To yell. Anything to get rid of the anger inside him. Though he knew that it wouldn’t bring Sakura back to him.
All of the Akatsuki members were thinking. This was how it worked with them. They all thought of their own plans and took the one they thought would work the best. So their tactics of battle always were different which was what made them so unpredictable and why so many people feared them. Sasori at the moment couldn’t think and therefore was placing all his trust in the men around him to think of something quickly.
:iconnimphmita:Nimphmita 67 50
Kittehs Base by Bexeh-Chan Kittehs Base :iconbexeh-chan:Bexeh-Chan 591 73 Puppy Base by KizunanariSaki Puppy Base :iconkizunanarisaki:KizunanariSaki 67 28
Not A Sickness Part 2
Not A Sickness
By Harley Quinn hyenaholic
Bumblebee looked around as he sat quietly on Ratchet’s med-lab table. Jazz had practically dragged him back to the base, despite his protests. He wasn’t entirely sure how the Elite Guard knew about the sparkling growing inside of him, but while the mech had been nice enough on the way back, it was very obvious by now what he thought of Bumblebee. He was saying it, quite loudly.
“Well, the way he spread himself all over the base, I can’t say I’m surprised this has happened.”
“...wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Decepticon’s sparkling...”
“...serves him right, really...”
Bumblebee shuddered, wishing he’d never consented to come back with Jazz. Everybody was just talking as if he wasn’t there. Even Sari looked disappointed with him. And right now all they knew was that he was pregnant. If they found out why he’d been sleeping around that much...
Ratchet bent over h
:iconloanet:Loanet 28 26
. Color Me Lasarian Lineart . by Foxiful . Color Me Lasarian Lineart . :iconfoxiful:Foxiful 235 82 . Free Wolf Template 1 . by Foxiful . Free Wolf Template 1 . :iconfoxiful:Foxiful 1,265 185 . Free Dragon B. Template 2 . by Foxiful . Free Dragon B. Template 2 . :iconfoxiful:Foxiful 315 37 . Free Dragon B. Template 1 . by Foxiful . Free Dragon B. Template 1 . :iconfoxiful:Foxiful 465 77
look at all da pornz :iconimhappiestplz: just kiddin!





Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

so earlier this week i had decided to draw commissions to make money and the day after i decided and planned that. my art tablet stopped working. ive uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted the PC, and unplugged/re-plugged my tablet. nothing is working. so now im stuck using Microsoft Paint.

also! the only way to fix the tablet is get a new PC which will cost $700! which is why i was drawing commissions. now i cant. because im running WindowsXP on this PC. so i cant do anything but use my mouse and a program i hate.

so ill still do commissions but im not very confident in them. ill most likely make my money with my arts and crafts here in my hometown. just. yea. that's what's going on.

im deeply upset about all of this. every time i get progress into my plans. im suddenly hurled MILES back close to where i started it all. i hate it. it keeps happening. Sad 
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like HELL im gonna tell you
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United States
ocs birthdays:

HH: January 5th (same as mine)
Zena: March 12th
Goruko: November 13th
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my name is HH. i dont go by Wolfie or Aura anymore. im not on DA as much as i used to be since Tumblr has gotten more interesting. ive been trying to get my youtube channel going and ive been trying as hard as i can to get my art series (all of them...there's a lot) off the ground.

if you like my art then that's great! if not then that's fine too. ive come to not care really.

i watch MLP, love monster movies, dragons, dinosaurs, pokemon, alien movies. my favorite food is mostly Asian originated. my favorite drink is pepsi or strawberry-honeydew bubble tea.

i watch yogscast, markiplier, captainsparklez, roosterteeth, and many more youtubers. i DONT watch TV anymore but steven universe, MLP, and who's line are my favorite shows.

lately ive been wanting to get into D&D but no one has patience to teach me....and i cant understand a single thing i read or hear.


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